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Hello Jerichoholics!
It's been a crazy week to say the least!!!!!!

.. Well after months of prayer and serious deliberation, I have decided to sign with the World Wrestling Federation. After the word got out last Wednesday, I was besieged with messages and emails from fans all over the world. Most of you were excited, many of you were surprised and some of you were sad and disappointed. My only response is that at this point in my career, I feel that the WWF is the best place for Chris Jericho to be.

Besides that, when I first began having problems with the powers that be in WCW, I prayed to the Lord to lead me where he wanted me to be. For whatever reason, the WWF is where he led me and I am very, very excited to be a part of this company.

When I was growing up, the WWF (along with Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling) was my favorite wrestling company and I gained my appreciation and respect for this business from watching it. My dream was always to one day wrestle there and add to it's great lineage.

I always wanted to wrestle in Madison Square Garden, where my father fought many a battle on it's famed ice. I always wanted to wrestle in the Winnipeg arena, where I witnessed so many classic matches. Now, I'll get that opportunity. I can't wait to make my debut inside of a WWF ring and do what I do best: entertain all of the Jerichoholics. My convictions and beliefs won't change, neither will my style! I'll still be amusing and amazing you, just in a different forum!!

I'm sad to be leaving WCW, I've made many good friends there. Thanks to Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero JR, Billy Kidman, Disco Inferno, David Penzer, Raven, Konnan, Misterio, Saturn and all of the other guys who made my life on the road so much easier. I'll miss you guys and I hope we can work together again really soon. Thanks to all of the crew who made me look so good on the tube. Without these guys, there would be no show for all of us to watch! Thanks to JJ Dillon and Kevin Nash, It was great working with you guys.

Most importantly, thanks to Eric Bischoff for giving me the opportunity to work for his great company. I appreciate all that he did for me and I hope we can work together again some day!

All right, enough mushy stuff! I can't wait to return to the ring and start stirring up some trouble again! I guarantee that I will give my all to turn the whole WWF upside down and teach the uninitiated what a Jerichoholic is all about!!!

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