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"LionHeart" Chris Jericho was born Chris Irvine on November 9th, 1970 in New York City. He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he attended Red River Community College & majored in Journalism. Chris soon went to Calgary, Alberta to train in the infamous Dungeon of Stu Hart. After 3 months of greuling training in the Dungeon (which has produced the likes of Owen Hart, Chris Benoit and Bret Hart) Chris realized his dream of being a Professional Wrestler! He made his pro debut on October 2, 1990 and has since wrestled all over the globe captuping titles in various promotions, such as Rocky Mountain Wrestling, Empressa Mexicana, WAR, ECW & his current home, WCW. Chris is currently the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and presently resides in Orlando, Florida. Fame hasn't only touched Chris in the Irvine family, his father is NHL great (1967-77) Ted Irvine, who played for the LA Kings, NY Rangers & St. Louis Blues. Chris Jericho can be reached at and as we all know has his very own space on the WWW at!

Throughout his stay in WCW, Chris has had some memorable matches. With one hand tied behind his back he completely destroyed then-rogue referee Nick Patrick. Then Rey Misterio Junior's knee was taken as a trophy for the LionHeart. Next was Juventud "Quasi" Guerrera, his mask was the price to pay...poor little Quasi. Soon after the Disco Inferno got his butt whipped & his headband taken! The career of Dean Malenko was next on Jericho's hitlist, or so we thought. Malenko was gone until Slamboree when a HUGE consipracy was revealed against Jericho! It was supposed to be Ciclope in the Cruiserweight Battle Royal, not Malenko. Fear not Jerichoholics, Mr. LionHeart has pledged to us that his title WILL be returned when he can plead his case to JJ "Dough Boy" Dillon.

Ok Ok, so the CW Title surely wasn't enough for the Ayatolah of Rock'n' fast forward to Mr. Jericho kicking Stevie Ray's butt for the TV Title. Sure Booker T was supposed to be champ, but we all know that if the Lion Tamer was hooked on old Booker, well, his knee would be no more! Then we all see GOLDBERG is too chicken to fight Jericho...oh he's not a main eventer?! Sure buddy. Bah, we all know that Jericho would embarass GREENBERG with his technical prowess & Goldy's lack thereof. Now, we've got the latest hanger-oner...Bobby Duncam Junior...well Jericho was smart to walk out on this punk...someone should tell Duncam that Bradshaw wants his bullrope back...because he knows that the Paragon of Virtue will just take that item for his trophy case!

After months & months of speculation, it is official. Chris Jericho will be a part of the World Wrestling Federation when his current WCW contract expires. This is great news for his Canadian fans, as the WWF has a strong Canadian market. In due time the Lion Heart will make an impact on Titan-Land...and it's gonna be big baby, BIG!!