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Welcome to LionHeart Links! Enjoy the Jericho, Wrestling & miscellaneous links below! If you want your link put on here then Email Me. PS: Don't forget to link to me, and link up the CJ Homepage as well. When you link my page please download one of my banners below.

Lionheads Fan Club

Official Pages

{Canadian Wrestling Page of Fame} - Jericho's there, WOOHOO!
{Mick Foley Tribute} - He's Hardcore
{Lou Thesz} - An Untouchable
{CanadianCrippler.Com} - Chris Benoit's Page, though, it's temporarily down
{Dory-Funk.Com} - A Living Legend, NUFF SAID!!!
{DoubleCrossRanch.Com} - Terry Funk's Page
{BuffStuffInc.Com} - Buff Bagwell's Page
{WWFSable.Com} - Sable's Page
{EddySucks.Com} - Eddy Guerrero's Page
{MachoManOnline.Com} - Randy Savage's Page
{Arn Anderson 4-Ever} - Double A's Page
{The-Beast.Com - Dan Severn's Page
{The Triple Threat} - ECW's Franchise
{The Superstar} - Billy Graham's Page
{RobVanDam.Com} - Mr. Monday Night's Page
{MillionDollarMan.Com} - The Million Dollar Man
{JOB Squad} - Pin Me, Pay Me
{Pepperland} - Blue Meanie's Homepage
{Missy} - Missy Hyatt's Page
{King of Swing} - Stevie Richards' Homepage
{WildSamoan.Com} - Afa's Training School
{World Wrestling Federation} - Attitude
{World Championship Wrestling} - Where the Big Boys Play
{nWo} - nWo Real Audio News

Other Pages

{TSN} - The Sports Network!
{GPWA} - A kick ass Fantasy Wrestling League
{Open Mike} - ...with Mike Bentley
{Tha Jokerz Hideout} - Cool Awards Page
{Scoops Wrestling Headlines} - Wrestling News
{Hades Wrestling} - More Wrestling News
{Wrestlemaniacs} - Even More Wrestling News